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Golden State Greens California Cannabis - PLPCC

420 Aftermath!!! $5 Off all 1/8ths $20 Off Golden State Greens Premium Oz Box Buy 2 get 1 FREE Rainbow Bubble Hash Blueberry Bubba, Gizmo and Point Loma Wax 1/2 G $15 $260 Top Shelf Oz’s (10+ to choose from while supplies last) &nbsp…(Read More)

gsg_indica_reflection - PLPCC

420 Blowout Sale


Celebrate 4/20 in style, come in or call for delivery and take 35% off the Entire Store!!! Your favorite name brand flower, edibles, cartridges, wax and extracts all discounted just for you! SPECIALS ENDS THURSDAY NIGHT AT CLOSING TIME! &nbsp…(Read More)

AOTA Reserve

Barry White Popcorn & Sour D Popcorn Oz’s @ $130 Flavor Wax: Buy 2 units get one FREE (11 strains to choose from) Fullmelt Hash: Buy two units get one FREE (15+ strains to choose from) Aota Reserve 1/4 @ $65 Chunky Monkey, Earth Og, Headband & Trinity Reserve 1/4 @ $95 BOGO Fire Shake…(Read More)

The Best MMJ Strains for Migraines and Headaches - PLPCC

Medical marijuana comes in many different varieties, known as “strains.” Each strain is specially bred for certain qualities. For example, some strains are great for relaxing and dealing with anxiety. Others give you a mild high that still leaves you feeling energized and ready to go. When it comes to different symptoms and medical conditions…(Read More)

CandyJack - PLPCC

420 Pre-Sale!!!! Top Shelf Blow Out Sale $40 1/8th or $75 1/4 (20+ to choose from) A-dub Alien Candy Jack CBDiesel Chem dawg GSC Hells Angel Og Hells Fire Pearl Og Phantom Kush Phantom Og Platinum Gas Master P Red October Lemon Fuel Mom’s Og SFV SFV Og Sour head…(Read More)

How to Store MMJ in San Diego to Prevent Fungus, Mold and Mildew - PLPCC

No matter what type of medical marijuana (MMJ) you use, it’s important to make sure it’s fresh. If marijuana develops fungus, mold or mildew, get rid of it! Also be leery of any marijuana that seems discolored. Ask your dispensary rep about the ideal look and smell of your MMJ. Mold can cause…(Read More)

Fire Shake - PLPCC

Free Bubble Hash w/100 Spent Top Shelf $250 Ounces,  $175 Half Ounces BOGO Tokyo Live Crumble .5G Natures Lab Tokyo OG $35 1/4 AOTA Reserve $60 Hybrid Shake Ounces $75…(Read More)

Lift Tickets

Aota Reserve 1/8 $35 1/4 $65 $75 1/4 Hell’s Angel Og, Alien, Fire Og, Og Kush & Red October Skywalker Og Oz’s @ $150 Hybrid Shake Oz’s $120 Popcorn Oz’s (Sour D or Berry White) $135 $5 OFF ALL Lift Ticket Pre-Rolls 2/$20 Point Loma Og Wax…(Read More)