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The Best MMJ Strains for Migraines and Headaches - PLPCC

Medical marijuana comes in many different varieties, known as “strains.” Each strain is specially bred for certain qualities. For example, some strains are great for relaxing and dealing with anxiety. Others give you a mild high that still leaves you feeling energized and ready to go. When it comes to different symptoms and medical conditions…(Read More)

How to Store MMJ in San Diego to Prevent Fungus, Mold and Mildew - PLPCC

No matter what type of medical marijuana (MMJ) you use, it’s important to make sure it’s fresh. If marijuana develops fungus, mold or mildew, get rid of it! Also be leery of any marijuana that seems discolored. Ask your dispensary rep about the ideal look and smell of your MMJ. Mold can cause…(Read More)